We help Women Over 50 Grow The Business Of Their Dreams Through Online Marketing And Advertising  

You Have Big Goals, Inspiring Dreams, And A lot Of  Determination To Succeed

But you've probably realised that building a successful business using online marketing isn't as easy as you'd like it to be...

  • You have a website that doesn't seem to generate you enough customers consistently. 

  • You're not sure how to design your website to position your business in a way that builds trust with visitors.

  • You get confused and overwhelmed with the technical side of online marketing and websites.

  • You don't have a sales funnel process for attracting your ideal customer online.   

  • You don't want to burn your money on paid advertising with no guarantee of return. 

  • You've not tested your business idea and are unsure how to do this. 


We understand your frustrations and we know exactly how to help you move forward...

  • Design and build you an authority website that instantly generates a connection with your visitors. 

  • Create the ultimate online branding experience so that you stand out from your competitors.   

  • The perfect online marketing strategy to give your business strong foundations. 

  • Social Media marketing done right! Our vast experience of social media marketing makes sure you are in front of your ideal customer. 

  • PPC management - Google Ads, Youtube Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Display Retargeting, LinkedIn Ads. 

  • Video Production and Photography to give you that winning touch. 

  • Online sales funnel development and email marketing to automate your online marketing.  

It's Almost Impossible To Move Your Business Forward With Technology Holding You Back.

Online marketing can be confusing at times with the different platforms and technology involved. We remove all of the road blocks that can create such a headache and hold back your success. 

Our Menu Of Services That Help You Grow Online

The Ultimate Personal Branding Package

The ultimate personal branding package gives you everything you need to position yourself as an authority online. We build your strategy, your website, take your photos and create a sales video that makes you stand out from the competition. 

​Lead Generation And Pay-Per-Click Advertising

A lead generation landing page fuelled by Pay-Per-Click advertising is your ultimate magic wand when you want to generate leads for your business. We create an irresistible offer and run paid advertising from multiple sources to build the ultimate lead generation machine for your business.  

​Video Production 

A video creates the right first impression. You can come across in an authentic way and develop deep trust with your viewers. In our BoomBoss studio we have state of the art equipment with a telepromter allowing you read a script whilst being on video. We create sales videos, content videos, promotional videos and course videos. 

Website Design And Development 

In order to generate customers online you need an authority website that positions your business in a certain way. We have a 50 point checklist to make sure your website is designed for success based on years of development and testing. 

​Ecommerce And Pay-Per-Click Advertising

If you're looking to sell products online through an ecommerce store, it's no secret that you'll have to invest in PPC advertising to get real traction. We manage your entire PPC campaign to bring more customers to your online store. We also implement advanced Dynamic Product Retargeting campaigns to increase website conversion rates.

​Photography And Personal Branding 

Professional photography is very important for your personal branding. At our BoomBoss HQ we have professional photography equipment and backdrops to create the perfect portfolio of images for your website and social profiles. 

Online Sales Funnel Development 

Your online sales funnel is the keystone of your entire online marketing. Without one you'll have no structure to your marketing and won't have a process that is scalable. We do all of the tech work because sales funnels can be quite intensive to build. 

Email Marketing Campaign Development

The biggest asset you can build online is your email list. This is a list of prospects and customers who engage with your brand and become followers. The way you nurture that relationship and ultimately get people to buy your products or services is through email. Email marketing is the best follow up tool we have. We create and manage your email marketing campaigns. 

Social Media Management & Facebook Advertising Management 

Social Media Marketing is going to be at the core of your online marketing strategy. We manage your social media account and run your Facebook Advertising campaigns for you. Alex has managed £2.4 Million on Facebook alone. 

Join The Ranks Of Authority Online Platforms

I am very pleased with my website and everyone who looks at it always comments on how good it is.  Ali and Alex were really supportive and gave me lots of great advice, things that I would have never thought of and it has really helped. Its early days but I am beginning to get leads and they have set it up so it will link to my Facebook advertising campaigns, so I can only see it getting better and better. 


It was important for me that my website looked professional and represents what I stand for and mine definitely does, I wouldn't change a single thing. On top of all that Ali and Alex have continued to keep giving me advice when I need it. Working with Ali who specializes in working with women over 50, was a joy she really helped me, she understands where I was coming from, she really got me and my business and didn't try to blind me with website jargon, she spoke my language !!!!. Thanks Ali 

About Us

Founder - Ali Miles-Jenkins

Alison Miles-Jenkins BA(Hons) FCIPD is an award winning business owner, author, speaker, trainer and coach, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and a certified hypnotherapist. 


She’s the founder of multiple business, management and personal development programmes which have helped more than 50,000 people achieve individual and business goals, overcome challenges and make the most of opportunities, personally and professionally in the UK and internationally.


Alison now specialises in helping women over 50 become their own CEOs at work and play. She's set up the BoomBoss Movement to empower women over 50 throughout the world to claim their spot, to create meaningful change in their lives and the wider world.   


She’s passionate about sharing her ‘know-how’ and secrets with her contemporaries who want to build their own businesses and she’s on a mission to support them to make the most of the rest of their lives.


She’s a regular contributor to professional magazines and journals, been featured on TV and is in demand for speaking engagements throughout the country.



Head Of Client Growth - Alex Jenkins

Alex Jenkins is one of the UK's leading millennial digital marketing experts who is known for creating highly profitable digital marketing campaigns. 


He's an author, speaker and coach who has been responsible for more than £1 million of  revenue generated through his digital marketing strategies. 


Over the past 5 years Alex has created many successful social advertising campaigns that have produced big returns on investment through his boutique digital advertising agency services.


To date he has managed £2.6 Million in Facebook Advertising campaigns alone.


He wrote his first book on digital marketing at the age of 23 and has worked with one of the biggest brands in the UK.


Alex has also coached, mentored and SME business owners allowing them to implement and profit from his cutting-edge online marketing strategies 


If you're looking to grow online, Alex can help you with his vast experience in creating online advertising campaigns for all different types of businesses.





Your Online Marketing Is Going To Be In Safe Hands

Online marketing must be at the heart of your marketing strategy and we can help you thrive!

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